Apple Watch saved the life of the owner with an ulcer rupture

Smart watches, and even with a heart rate monitor, allow you not only to seek fitness equipment, but also to save lives. The last such lucky man was William Monziedelis, who almost died because of a rupture of the ulcer: the contents of his stomach poured into the abdominal cavity, the man began to lose blood, transfers Apple Insider .

In early April, William felt dizzy while working near the house, but did not attach importance to this symptom. Only when Apple Watch warned him that his pulse was getting to an alarming level and he should go to the doctor, the man turned to his mother for help. She took him to the hospital. On the way, William kept losing consciousness, blood blew from his mouth.

Doctors who provided him with first aid, blood transfusion (the man lost 80% of his) and the operation, said that thanks to the clock, he survived. Since he completely ignored the ailment and could not get medical help on time.

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