What surprised the Shanghai Motor Show-2018. Many photos

In Beijing, the world’s largest automobile exhibition comes to an end, where dozens of local and foreign automakers presented their innovations and concepts.

We tell you that it was amazing to see at the 15th Beijing International AutoChina-2018 Auto Show.

1. Ford Focus – the future bestseller




The American company Ford for the first time demonstrated to journalists the fourth generation of the best-selling brand in early April. The novelty appeared to the general public only a month later.

The main differences are expressive design and a saloon that has grown in size, which has become more laconic and quiet.

Kinetic Design is a thing of the past, but there was an 8-inch touch screen multimedia system Sync 3 with voice control, wireless recharging (even in the base configuration) and a projection display.

The beginning of sales is expected in late summer or early autumn of this year.

2. BMW iX3 will open a new line of the company




Why design, sort of like, a conceptual electric car from the Bavarian auto giant is so familiar? It’s simple, it’s based on the X3 production model.

The power of the electric motor is 270 hp. Batteries of 70 kWh capacity, according to the Bavarian manufacturer’s statement, suffice for 400 km of run.

The most interesting thing is that the energy storage system is designed to connect to fast charging stations up to 150 kW. A high-voltage battery can be charged in only half an hour.

On the conveyor concept will go in a couple of years, the first production cars are expected in 2020.

By the way, the company has already applied for registration of model names from iX1 to iX9, they will become electrical versions of the entire model line of crossovers. No completely separate rulers, like the main competitors – Audi and Mercedes.

3. Honda Everus EV – electric crossover for China



The first practically serial spectacular electric car from the Japanese concern.

The manufacturer does not disclose the technical data and data on the power plant. Therefore, it remains for us to evaluate only the appearance of the electric crossover.

On sale (although, in China), the novelty will appear at the end of this year. Also, the novelty will be available in the Chinese car-sharing network Reachstar.

4. Lexus ES – a luxury sedan with an amateur design




In Beijing, also held the world premiere sedan Lexus ES seventh generation. In the company, the design of the car was called “provocative elegance”. Although she looks like she just spent a lot of time indecently in a wind tunnel.

The car added in size in comparison with its predecessor, received an updated engine V6 3.5 and interior in a recognizable brand style.

The new Lexus ES will appear in the showrooms of Russia in September.

5. Skoda Kamiq – affordable Czech crossover



Despite the similar name, the presented crossover is seriously different from the previously announced models of the company Kodiaq and Karoq. The novelty plays in a completely different class of cars. Let’s call it “for the economical”.

The first thing that gives the budget of the presented novelty is the boring design of the car. The second is to use the old PQ25 platform with a semi-independent beam in the back. The third is a weak 1.5-liter 110-horsepower gasoline engine. Fourth – Spartan interior with a simple level of equipment.

While the company plans to sell Skoda Kamiq only in China. There is no information about the prospects of sales in our country yet.

6. Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury – provoking luxury





The concept of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury with a defiant design and strange body type (crossover sedan?) Is the prototype of the serial large crossover Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

A huge car (length – 5260 mm, width – 2110 mm, height -1764 mm) boasts the most luxurious interior.

Gold, ebony, porcelain and the best varieties of leather.

The power plant is a 750-horsepower electric motor (4 electric motors), the battery of which has a fast charge function of the CCS standard. Such a battery can take power up to 350 kW. Under these conditions, a 100 km range can be obtained in just five minutes.

In the free sale of such cars, of course, will not.

7. Buick Enspire Concept – a spectacular concept of an electric car




The American premium brand Buick showed in Beijing its vision of the crossover of the future. The presented spectacular novelty is the concept of the future serial compact electric rover.

Characteristics are unusual for the class. Two electric motors, one generates 190 kW (258 hp) to the front axle, the second 220 kW (300 hp) to the rear.

This allows the crossover to accelerate to hundreds in just 4 seconds.

The battery has a quick charge function.

The car salon is a space car and is unlikely to have anything in common with the production model. By the way, there are no details about it yet.

For those who want to see all the novelties shown live (for example, the luxury version of the Volvo S90 and the extended renewed Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan), there is still time. The exhibition closes the day after tomorrow.

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