Unexplained photos from the depths of the forest

Cameras on the paths are set primarily for hunters, the second – for those who are professionally engaged in studying the nightlife of wild animals. Typically, these kits are hidden from the eyes, so as not to attract and distract animals, which could interfere with the purity of the experiment. It’s only from time to time that researchers find on film not ordinary deer, wolves and other animals. From time to time, these cameras bring a completely unexpected and even frightening catch.


A mysterious creature hit the camera in the June night of 2011. The animal ran through the forest so quickly that only its faded silhouette remained in the photograph. Look closely, he is very similar to a snowman.


The urban legend of the so-called Reyke scares the inhabitants of New York and the surrounding area for years. This photo is considered one of the most reliable evidence of the principled existence of a strange creature.

Mysterious figure

Take a closer look. Behind the deer there is some dark, frightening figure already with one of its silhouettes. Perhaps the camera captured the moment of hunting a science not known to science on a poor animal.


The fuzzy outline makes this figure a real ghost. Long hair and a cloak suggest the woman – but what should she do at night in a dense forest?


But this is really a hunt, and it is unlikely that the deer managed to get out the winner of the race. The animal-predator looks simply awful, even the dynamics of its movements look repulsive. Imagine a meeting with such a creature in the rural pasture!


The frame is supposedly carved from a horror film. The figure is dressed in a long coat, or maybe a dress. To disassemble the face (or it’s just a game of shadows on the leaves) is also not possible.

Old woman

Do you remember the horror film “The Witch from Blair”? The camera on the trail in the Arizona National Park caught this figure, most like an old woman in pajamas. Faced with such a grandmother at night will be just deadly!


Many people are afraid of clowns and, apparently, correctly do. This particular clown was hunted last year by the entire Alabama police: he left the forest to schools and separate cottages. No, there were no attacks. The clown just stood and looked. I did not manage to find the joker.


When this photo got to the police, they decided that the best thing to do is just put it under the cloth. It is believed that the picture captured one of the extras of the famous series “Walking Dead” – in the area and in fact were filming. But they ended in two years, before the appearance of the picture.

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