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The ruling party of Armenia promised to support the candidate from the opposition in the new elections of the prime minister

After just a day after the opposite statement, followed by a new wave of protests

Head of the Republican faction of Armenia Vahram Baghdasaryan told reporters that in the new prime ministerial elections that will be held on May 8, the party will support the opposition candidate if he collects enough votes for nomination. This, obviously, is about Nikola Pashinyan, leader of the opposition party “Elk”.

Baghdasaryan also called on opposition supporters to end the strike, which resulted in Yerevan were the streets are blocked, the road out of the city, train connections and access to the airport.

The RPA will vote for that candidate for the premier who will have the support of one-third of the parliament deputies. We will not have our own candidate.

Vahram Baghdasaryan
head of the RPA

Even on May 1, Baghdasaryan held a different position – then he stated that the RPA would vote against Pashinyan “in order to avoid visible threats, a big wave of instability.” After May 1, Pashinyan was not elected to the post of prime minister (he received 45 votes in favor and 56 against), the leader of “Elk” declared May 2 the beginning of general civil disobedience.

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