American developers from Momentum Dynamics created the world’s first wireless charging system for electric buses with a record power of 200 kW, which is twice the capacity of ordinary charging stations, such as Tesla SuperCharger.

The company this week announced the release of a special operating system designed for BYD K9S buses, which is tested by a local carrier, Link Transit, in the small town of Wenatchee, Washington.

The wireless charging system is equipped with special sensors, mounted in the roadway , which automatically recharges the electric vehicle while it is on the move.

“Throughout the world, carriers are switching to electric buses as quickly as possible, but the limited power reserve of electric buses prevents wider deployment. The companies are waiting for a solution that guarantees that their new electric buses will be able to pass any route while preserving sufficient energy reserves in any conditions, “said Andrew Doug, Director General of Momentum Dynamics.

It is noted that efficiency and speed have always been the main challenges of wireless charging technology . However, the company’s developers did not specify how they managed to achieve such impressive results, saying only that “the system is more energy efficient than chargers with similar power.”

Also, Momentum Dynamics insists that its wireless solution is best suited for electric buses:

“For electric transport, wireless charging is the most efficient method of charging on the go. Within 5 minutes, the wireless system automatically adds the required amount of energy to the bus battery while it is at a stop. This allows the electric buses to repeat the route cycle unlimited number of times. “

While this is the first wireless charging station in the state of Washington, but the company plans to expand not only in the US, but also to enter the European markets next year.


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