Dialogue between the State Duma deputy and the Prime Minister’s press secretary about Telegram and VPN

While the government participated in the creation of claims, due to violation of which Telegram was blocked.

The State Duma deputy from United Russia and the former parliamentary correspondent of Vedomosti, Natalia Kostenko, in Facebook asked not to write to her at Telegram, since he does not work for her. In the comment came Natalia Timakova, the press secretary of the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev, and advised using the VPN.

Screenshot from Telegram-channel ” Nomenclature “

After the attention of the media was paid to Timakova’s comment , the recording disappeared from Kostenko’s page.

For understanding:

  • The work of Telegram is blocked by operators in Russia by a court decision, a suit filed by Roskomnadzor because the messenger did not provide the FSB with encryption keys;
  • The request for the provision of encryption keys is stipulated by a special order of the FSB, which in turn is based on a government decree signed by Medvedev, obligating the organizers of information dissemination (ARI) to respond to FSB demands. Roskomnadzor brought Telegram to the register of the ARI in June 2017;
  • The ORI register is being carried out in compliance with the 97-FZ of May 5, 2014 , which was passed by the State Duma in the third reading on April 22, 2014. Then Kostenko was not yet a deputy, but her faction, United Russia, voted unanimously for the bill;
  • By the decree of Vladimir Putin on March 12, 2007 Roskomnadzor directly reports to the government of the Russian Federation, which since 2012 is headed by Dmitry Medvedev, whose spokesman is Timakova.

Kostenko herself in the State Duma holds the position of “the head of the expert advisory council of the faction on improving the legislation regulating the work of the media and issues of civil society development,” that is, in theory should deal with the development of the media and society as a whole. Here are some excerpts from the site of “United Russia” , where the chronicle of her activity as a lawmaker and a deputy is being conducted.

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