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Chernobyl: strange things that happen in the exclusion zone

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has become the largest technological disaster in modern human history. One mistake cost the lives of tens of thousands of people, on the body of the planet appeared a terrible scar, overgrown so far. The territory near the station, not to mention Pripyat, remains a zone of alienation. Until recently, it was thought that there would not be normal flora and fauna here for a long time, but the latest studies brought an extremely unexpected result – nature takes its toll with frightening speed.


The idea of ​​the project

Scientists from the UK have launched a project to study how the planet is being rebuilt after such a terrible catastrophe. In particular, researchers were interested in the state of local flora and fauna: it is important to understand how much time is required for nature to return to the right path of development.
Beasts from the past

Beasts from the past

The first studies on the terrain showed an amazing picture: in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, not only the population of endemic animals was practically restored, but several species appeared that were considered extinct more than a century ago.

Worse than war

We have to admit that a person destroys the surrounding world much more efficiently than some kind of nuclear explosion and subsequent radiation contamination. Over the past thirty years in the zone of alienation of animals has become at times more.

Wild life

On the side of the Ukrainian territory, scientists installed 45 cameras, the data from which allowed to understand the true size of the population of local fauna. The forests of Chernobyl resemble a pastoral picture from a textbook on biology: wild boars, wolves, roe deer and foxes feel perfectly fine here.

Atomic Reserve

And yet there were rare animals that had not been seen in this area for a long time. European lynx, brown bear, bison and even Przewalski horses – radiation can not be a good thing, but you know what? It affects nature much better than man. We can say that we are worse than a nuclear war for the flora and fauna of our planet.

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