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Armenia’s general strike: streets, railways, highways, access to the airport blocked

Leader of the opposition Nikol Pashinyan raised people to peaceful protest.

On the morning of May 2, a general strike announced by the leader of the Elk party, Nikol Pashinyan, started in Armenia on May 2, or, in his words, “actions of total civil disobedience”. On May 1, Pashinyan was not elected prime minister – the ruling Republican Party, which has a majority in the parliament, almost unanimously voted against him – and the peaceful response was a response of the oppositionist to it.

According to the correspondent of the BBC Sergey Goryashko, who is in Yerevan, the residents themselves block the streets of the city and block the movement of cars on them. They either take hold of the hands with a chain, or sit down on the ground, or themselves block off the passage by car.

The police do not intervene in what is happening. In hotels, guests are advised to leave early, and sometimes they do not let people even walk through the outposts, Hrodashko said: “Only journalists are allowed to pass through the checkpoints, and that is not everywhere.”

In the photogallery of the journalists of “Rain” you can see that people walk around the city processions, dance, sit on the asphalt, block the streets with garbage cans. People in uniform are standing next to them. The broadcast on the website shows how the protesters dance in the square to the music.

What is blocked:

  • The road between Yerevan and the airport “Zavrtnots” . First, it was blocked by residents of the local village, they were joined by schoolchildren, and then the airport staff in uniform. The spetsnaz sits on the sidewalk, does not interfere. Passengers go to the airport on foot with suitcases;
  • Highways leading to Yerevan – for example, Yerevan-Sevan and Armenia-Georgia;
  • The Gyumri-Yerevan railway;
  • Entrances to the buildings of government departments, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education;
  • Most of the roads in Yerevan. According to Interfax , transport in the city is almost stopped.

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