Apple’s revenue for the second quarter was $ 61.1 billion

Apple published a report on financial affairs of the corporation following the second fiscal quarter of this year. The income of the Cupertins slightly exceeded $ 61 billion. International sales accounted for 65% of this amount, another 20% fell on China and Japan.

It is noted that the second reporting period ended March 31, so did not take into account the sale of iPhone 8 special line of products (RED). According to Tim Cook, every week of March in the choice of buyers led the iPhone X, and only then went the rest of the model of apple smartphones.

While Apple boasts of the success of the iPhone, information about the sales of another company’s novelty – the HomePod column – pleases less. Sales in the category of goods to which the smart column was assigned fell by 28% compared to the previous quarter. But Cook is optimistic: he says, soon, new functions will appear in HomePod.

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