Apple is preparing to test autopilot for cars in California

We have been hearing for a number of years that Apple is working on its own software for autonomous cars. Now the company has decided on the long-term testing of UAVs in California.

To this end, the company negotiated with the leadership of the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of California. The main representative of Apple at the meeting was Steve Kanner . He had previously negotiated with government representatives about autopilot.

The meeting was chaired by Bernard Soriano. Together with him were:

• Jean Shiomoto (Director)
• William Davidson (Chief Deputy Director)
• Brian Subbert (Deputy Director and General Counsel)
• Emily Bisnett (Attorney)
• Alexandra Lake (Executive Officer)

The question remains only who exactly attended the meeting from Apple in addition to Kanner. The discussion took about 2 hours.

It would be curious to look at the autopilot from Apple. If it does not bug, it must necessarily turn the industry upside down. Everything is in the spirit of the company. 9to5 ]

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