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10 alien creatures that live next to us

Scientists promise to us flights to Mars already by 2021. Research probes have reached even a distant Europe and the person anticipates what strange and unusual creatures he will meet there. But let me, why should I fly anywhere, if the extraterrestrial evolution has clearly arranged a branch right here on Earth? Look only at these strange creatures, whose existence can be explained by evolutionary development only with a big stretch.

The immortal jellyfish

Having reached maturity, Turritopsis Nutricula settles to the bottom and turns into a cuticle-covered polyp. Jellyfish come out of it in time. Disease and age are nothing to these creatures – they simply once again sink to the bottom and repeat the cycle. Theoretically, these are immortal creatures, only a predator can kill them.


Incredibly, crows, rooks and jackdaws have about the same level of intelligence as the anthropoid primates. Scientists still can not understand how the small bird’s brain makes decisions. Crows are able to use complex logical combinations and even create their own tools for extracting food if necessary.]

The bats

Evolution? How could evolution lead to the development of blind animals with echolocation? Some of the largest species of bats live to the age of thirty and form real semblances of social life. They communicate with each other almost on philosophical topics!


Bees show a surprising level of social interaction for insects. Experiments have shown the ability of bees to learn by simply looking at the actions of other bees. In addition, each insect performs a strictly defined social role in the hive, and they are also capable of recognizing human faces. That’s why a bee has such a skill ?!


This is truly one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. Firstly, the slowboats are immortal. Secondly, they survive even in space. Scientists have found quiet in the Mariana Trench – although what can they do there at all?


Have you seen the platypus? It is similar to a collage made by a child. The tail of a beaver, the beak and legs of a duck, the otter’s fur is a platypus! Oh, and do not forget about the poisonous spurs on your hind legs. Does this creature look like a terrestrial animal?


The organization of ants is simply genius. Everyone is engaged in their own business, as if programmed by someone. Warriors defend the nest, workers supply all food, males are needed only for reproduction – and the queen around which everything revolves. Even people with their intellect for their entire existence could not come close to an effective society of this kind.

Shrimp Mantis

To begin with, the shell of the mantis shrimp is so strong that scientists are now trying to create an artificial material based on it – it will be used in the production of new-generation aircraft. A tiny shrimp-mantis undoubtedly attacks a person, the impact of its legs is comparable to a bullet strike of 22 caliber. Some people make a big mistake trying to keep these kids in the aquarium – the mantis shrimp can pierce glass of almost any thickness.


Do you think penguins are strange, but boring creatures? In vain. Biologists have only recently realized how unique and unusual the body of these birds. The fact is that between the eyes of the penguins there is a special organ serving for desalination of sea water!

European angler

Biting with the fins! They live at a very deep depth and look as if the aliens did not really try to hide their extraterrestrial origin. The anglers bait the prey with a strange build-up that glows with luminescent bacteria. Do you know how they multiply? The male clings to the female with his teeth, and she gradually begins to absorb his body, until only the testes remain. Of these, the female subsequently harbors a new angler.

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