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Rating on Facebook, video calls in Instagram, privacy: the main announcements with F8 2018

We enumerate everything, except for very small things.

On May 1, Facebook held its annual conference for developers of the F8 in San Jose, where it usually announces new features and capabilities of its platform. The company did not bypass the scandal with Cambridge Analytica and Zuckerberg’s speech in the US Congress party, and also introduced several new features, some of which are already available to some users.

Delete all history of visits and clicks outside of Facebook

Facebook covers the codes of its systems of analytics all the Internet – mainly through special widgets and buttons of likes – and thanks to this it collects a huge array of information about users. According to Zuckerberg, in the near future users will have a tool Clear History, through which you can see what data collected about the person the company, and if you want to delete them.

Zuckerberg himself, the function is reminiscent of how browsers allow you to clear cookies. He stressed that, as with cookies, removing them can cause inconvenience.

When we roll out this update, you can see which applications and sites you interacted with, and you can remove this information from your account. You can even disable the storage of this kind of information in your account.

But I need to clarify that when you clear cookies in the browser, this can make the use less convenient. Perhaps you will need to log in again on each site and reconfigure some things. It’s still the same. Your Facebook will not be as good when it re-learns your preferences.

Mark Zuckerberg
founder and head of Facebook

Group video calls in Instagram and WhatsApp

In WhatsApp video calls were already available, but the messenger could not be used as a full-fledged replacement for Skype due to the lack of group video calls. However, soon this function will appear – and including in Instagram (while it is being tested).

Judging by the description, the call button in the Instagram will be located inside the dialog or group conversation (to call several people at once, you need to create such a conversation first). How many people can join the conversation, it is not exactly known, however, on the video screenshot shown by the company, a group of four people talks.

Dating service – only for those who want

Facebook has long provided its social graph for services like Tinder, but now the company has decided to deal with the direction of the de-tailing itself. F8 mentioned that an optional dating service appeared on the social network: the user will be able to indicate that he is ready to get acquainted with other people, but only those users who are not his friends will see it and also include the function of the deytng.

How the function will look exactly is not known. Facebook only said that couples will be selected based on the settings (for example, age and gender), common interests and friends, and people can be searched for in groups and event pages.

This feature is not available, it will only be tested in 2018, but the announcement of Facebook-dating sites have already managed to significantly drop the action Match Group, lowering capitalization Tinder owner $ 2 billion. Facebook is known for the fact that in case of direct competition it is capable of harsh measures – for example, disconnecting an opponent from his social graph.

Integration into Instagram Stories, simplification of Facebook Messenger, Oculus Go

Many Instagram users are accustomed to the fact that to publish the current song from the player in history, you have to make a screenshot of it. Facebook announced that Instagram Stories will have more integration, for example, with the services of GoPro, Spotify and other applications (in the future). In the case of Spotify, the user will not simply share the name of the current song, but also a link to it in the service – although ordinary users can not publish external links.

From May 1, sales of the budgetary VR-helmet Oculus Go, which does not need a smartphone for work, and which is produced at Xiaomi facilities , will begin . The version with 32 GB of internal memory will cost 199 dollars, and the device will be sold in 23 countries, but not in Russia.

The company is also going to completely update the design of its Facebook Messenger. During the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized several times that the new version will be “fast and clean”: only three tabs will remain below, and, apparently, the messenger will refuse various integrations like games that distract from direct communication.

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