“My car is 2”. Lincoln Town Car Cartier: I only have such a car, Michael Jackson, and a few more guys

During the existence of the rubric Maxim wanted to write about his favorite car more than once, but it never happened (“the mood was not suitable, the car had time to change to another, no less interesting than the previous one”). But this time he could not resist: more than two years he was riding the Lincoln Town Car Cartier of the third generation in the maximum configuration – this car really has something to tell. This article concludes the April tour of our competition, in the title role – a Japanese car hailing from the United States. At the end of the month we will publish news from the field in order to vote, Validating, along with other candidates to compete for the high-pressure device ( mini wash ) Karcher K 3 Premium Full Control on the technique of chain stores for home, garden and Repair  “Udacnik” .

For a long time I wanted to move around on a big, beautiful and status car. But then it was still young, green, the blood boiled, adrenaline went off scale. Therefore, the cars were appropriate (there was even the legendary rotary Mazda RX-8). I liked the Mercedes S-Class, I even thought about buying such a car in the 220th body. I will not hide: there was not enough money for the 221st, but the 220th did not impress me so much, and the maintenance costs are very high. Yes, there are alternatives to Mercedes, but, whatever one may say, “Merc is a Merc.”


I reviewed all announcements about the sale of cars both in the Republic of Belarus and in the Russian Federation. Virtually no car has caught so much that I just wanted to buy it (with the amendment: the budget is limited to 10 thousand dollars). So I came across the Lincoln Town Car. Yes, I often saw this car, however, only in pictures and on the TV screen. For some reason he always thought that he was in need of a lot of money, including in terms of content. But I’ll just run ahead: I was wrong.

So, shoveled the Internet, reread a lot of useful information about the car, especially interested in the feedback of the owners. It turned out that the car can really become what you will enjoy while driving.

Then the business of technology is to find a “live” copy. This turned out to be a big problem. At that time (2015), I found nothing worthy, except for a couple of copies, including cars on the territory of the Russian Federation. Either the price was very high (often it just did not match the state of the car), or the car was rubbish. As a result of very long searches, I found one option in Moscow. We arrived, looked at the car, checked the technical part of the SRT, gave money and got Lincoln at our disposal. Thus, in the territory of Belarus there is more than one American classics.

So, a few words about the technical characteristics of the car:

  • The engine – petrol V8 in volume of 4,6 liters;
  • power – 232 liters. with., the twisting moment – 400Н · м;
  • box – automatic, 4-speed;
  • drive rear;
  • the frame is present;
  • suspension: front – two-link with a spring, rear – continuous beam of the bridge, pneumatic;
  • brakes – disk, ventilated;
  • dimensions: 5.5 meters long and 2 meters wide;
  • weight – 1850 kg.

The machine of 2000 year of release, dorestaylingovaya version (the model itself appeared in late 1997, and in 2003, it underwent some changes, it was produced before 2011). The third generation of Town Car is very different from the second: the body has become completely new, “puffed up”, somewhat resembling a barrel, corners – rounded, and the headlights – wide and slanted. This body and I loved it so much that I was looking for it, rather than a restyling version of the model, where the car looked like modern cars.

The car has brothers – Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis. The first model is often seen in American films, on such wheelbarrows chasing policemen. But the second model is a rarity even in the States. Lincoln Town Car is the most prestigious of the trio, although all models are made on the same platform.

Well, tell me, did you often see such a car in Belarus? Hardly. Well, if you ever saw him live. It looks really good, forcing passers-by to turn around, and drivers next to passing cars – peer at the salon and on the nameplates.


The car is huge: five and a half meters in length. Competitors even in the base “Long” is still much shorter than the base version of Town Car, and in fact there is another version of L, which is longer by 20 cm. From here immediately as pluses and minuses: a lot of space in the cabin and in the trunk with a dodgy space , more protection from external threats, but the situation with parking is extremely difficult, especially in yards and small parking lots. Immediately after the purchase, I equipped the car with a good parking sensor (four sensors in front and behind, in the passenger compartment with a display of the direction and distance to the obstacle, as well as sound notification). Frankly, without parktronik it would be extremely difficult to maneuver in cars made in Minsk. Well, when you turn, you must take into account the dimensions of the car, since the turning radius here is huge. With this, I calmly manage.

The engine here is large and with a huge torque, so that the car perfectly starts with traffic lights. But the overclocking itself will seem tiring to many – about 10 seconds to a hundred. And all because Ford engineers did not try to make a car out of the car. The rate was on comfort, so the engine here is not as boosted as the BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Lexus. But there is a plus – expense. The car is not designed for driving at high speeds, but at 170 km / h feels great on the road. I did not accelerate faster (according to the passport, the “maximal” is limited to 180 km / h).

The torque of 400 N · m allows the car to “grind” even in the second gear. Personally for myself I see in such figures one more advantage: in case of what it is possible to pull out the jammed cars quietly. But that’s bad luck – there is not a single place on the machine for which the cable can be clipped. There is not even a conventional towing hook. What did the engineers think? There was once a situation when I myself needed a tow truck (there were malfunctions with the generator, because of what the car stalled right on the road). Hardly somehow miraculously managed to tighten the car to the platform of the loader, but that’s when I first learned about the lack of the possibility of towing in the standard way. In general, the dynamics are quite enough for both the city and the highway. However, in the case of short overtaking, it is necessary to take into account the insufficiently fast acceleration.

In this version of the car there are two exhaust pipes – it looks great. The transmission here is classical for Americans – automatic, four-speed. Very softly switches gears, reliable, unpretentious.

Often you have to hear in your address the question: “How much does it eat?” Already resigned. It is unclear one thing: for what purpose do people ask? 99% of them have never bought such a car in their life. I hope that many will read here about the expense and asking such questions in reality will be much less. With a calm driving style, the city’s consumption is 13-13.5 liters. Agree, for such a car it’s not so much. If you ride in the “pensioner” style, then the flow can calmly be 12 liters. Personally measured many times, and even on the column. The computer shows the correct numbers. In winter, the consumption increases by a liter-two, which, in fact, is understandable. Out of town: at 80 km / h – 8.5 liters; at 90 km / h – 9 liters; at 120 km / h – 10 liters. With an active driving style, the city’s consumption will be around 15-16 liters (in summer),

But there is another drawback here – a small fuel tank (only 63 liters). At full refueling of a tank at driving on a city with the expense of 13,5 l of fuel suffices all on 500 km. I pour gasoline on the 95th. There is no special difference with the AI-92, but on the 95th it still somehow rushes faster.

I can not help but mention the main feature – the presence of a frame. Yes, in this car, the body is not carrying, as in most modern cars. The body is attached to the frame. Due to the frame, the car on the road feels like a ship in the sea – heavy, not very maneuverable, with the effect of rocking. Given the soft front suspension and even softer rear pneuma the ride in Lincoln is similar to a sea voyage. Negative – rolls in turns, flatness, falling asleep on long journeys. In general, I myself am very pleased with the design of the car. For me, comfort is above all, along with safety.

The whole car is stuffed with airbags, and the metal of the car’s body is thick enough, so there is a great chance to survive in almost any accident. Crash tests confirm this. The machine is equipped with both ABS and ESC. In addition, the car has disc brakes (in front, and vented), so that the car pretty well brakes. But still not as good as it could have been.

Wheel disks of the 16th radius, light-alloy. After buying the discs were sandblasted and painted with a special powder, because the factory chrome crawled. Winter studded rubber (Bridgestone) has a size of 225/60, summer (Hankook) – 235/60. With allowance for thorns, sometimes there is not enough vibration and noise insulation.

In the cabin

The noise insulation itself is not bad, but certainly in the S-class it will be quieter. There are no double glasses, but most of the extra sounds do not penetrate into the interior of the car, allowing you to quietly listen to music even at a minimum volume, you do not have to raise your voice at any speed and with any road surface.

The quality of the materials is excellent. In those years, tried not to save on the trim of the premium model, did on conscience. The thick leather seats are not so hot in the sun, with the car running at 300,000 km only the driver’s seat managed to get a little wiped. The rest of the chairs (I would even say sofas) are almost like new ones.

The wheel is made in leather with a tree. It looks great, there is almost no wear. With the plastic on the dash all is not so smooth, but overall it does not cause discomfort. The panel itself is also lined with leather, there are wooden inserts. The color of the tree designers chose the right one – it looks very nice at any salon. The doors are also lined with leather and have decorative wooden lacquered inserts. By the way, all the buttons and opening knobs on the doors are metal, chrome-plated (they were replaced with plastic on the “restyling” model).

In the center of the instrument panel there are branded “gold-plated” Lincoln watches (available only for Cartier version).

In the cabin there are six full seats. If you remove the front armrest, you can safely sit the sixth passenger – a teenager. All seats are equipped with seat belts. There is a lot of space, especially from behind. All chairs with electric heating. The front seats are electrically adjustable. There is only a massage. The chairs themselves are very wide and comfortable. There are no side supports, but here they are not needed, since the car does not have to race

As in most classic American cars, the gearshift looks like a poker behind the wheel, so moving from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat is not particularly difficult. Sometimes it has to be done in tight parking lots.

For many, the dashboard will seem archaic, but I’m completely comfortable with it. Nothing superfluous, everything in its place. But there are some drawbacks: the location of the cupholders is not quite convenient, the unsuccessful decision with the opening of the armrest, a small glove box, the “poker” of the gearbox is plastic, and not chrome-plated (as in the previous generation), there is no rudder removal, only height adjustment.

In the car there are two interesting options: the electric adjustment of the pedal unit and the combination lock on the driver’s door. The first option allows you to adjust the reach of the pedals, which is convenient for people with low growth. But the second option is much more interesting: just enter the correct combination of numbers – and without a key you can open any door, as well as the trunk. Very convenient, especially if you only need to take things from the salon, for example. It also closes when you press the desired keys.

There is also climate control, though, 1-zone. But there are deflectors blowing for the rear passengers.

The luggage compartment is huge. Yes, in the previous generation of the model it was even larger, but this is only because there were right angles. Here, all rounded, so the place was smaller. But all the same, you can safely store a lot of bags of potatoes. The luggage compartment volume is enough to put a full set of rubber or a few large suitcases. There is a native “dock”. Judging by the rubber, since the release of the car from the conveyor, no one has ever used it.


From the shortcomings: the fuel tank here has a different shape, it is located just behind the rear sofa, so the trunk turned out very deep, but not long; there are no separate compartments for small things. But a large fire extinguisher found a great place on the shelf. There is also a luggage compartment light. You can also open the filler hatch from the inside – it can come in handy in severe frosts. By tradition in the trunk there is a hook, pulling for which you can open the trunk lid from the inside.

I always drive in the car only the most necessary things: a huge fire extinguisher that would recommend to everyone instead of “pshikalok”, a pump, wires for lighting up (I often help out in the winter), a cable, a brush, napkins, rags, a bottle of water, engine oil, additional trivia. All this, except for the fire extinguisher, is perfectly placed in a special travel bag, which has Velcro that does not allow it to fly over the trunk.

The car has a hatch, which is a great addition to all the other options. Rearview mirrors with auto-darkening and heating are very useful options in our regions.

The car will soon celebrate a round date, so it suffers from some “senile” diseases. Since the rubber bands on the doors are somewhat zadubeli, in the winter I encounter the problem of “freezing” the doors (the good it usually applies to the rear). Glasses, too, will not immediately open in severe frosts. Heated seats have five degrees of heating, but here it does not work as fast as we would like. There is no tachometer, which is somewhat depressing.

This model also has a “child” illness – water flows into the cabin through the windshield, but in my case this problem is not present. But there is something that baffles everyone: the car simply does not have a salon filter. What Ford engineers thought when they did it, I do not understand. But I also decided this problem: a filter from the Jeep Grand Cherokee will fit here. However, it is necessary to shorten it a little.


The body itself has a good paint finish. Even for 18 years, the car was not repainted. But from chips and scratches it is impossible to protect completely. Wheel arches are the weak point of Lincoln. Of course, ideally, a complete repainting of the body is required. Strangely enough, but the car still has its own windshield and it’s only with a couple of small chips. Also, it is necessary to change the oil-removable caps, but before that, the hands did not reach. Again, surprisingly: the car has passed 300,000 km, but the catalysts are still alive. There are plenty of places under the hood, there will not be any problems with replacing bulbs or liquids. There is even a highlight of the engine compartment.


Special difficulties with the maintenance of the car and its maintenance are not present. If to speak about THAT, all as at all: 4-4,2 l of oil 5W-30; inexpensive oil and fuel filters (10 and 25 rubles, respectively). If you need to replace something on the suspension or braking system, then there will be no special problems, since in Minsk you can find even original parts of Motorcraft. After buying the car, I managed to change the front suspension (600 rubles), the brakes “around” (500 rubles), the entire fuel system (700 rubles) – for 18 years in the tank formed a lot of dirt, which then leads to clogging the injectors. I also changed the candles, ignition coils, some body parts (for example, door handles, since chrome managed to crawl in some places). He also replaced oil in the rear bridge (100 rubles), repaired the generator (180 rubles), changed the battery (260 rubles).

In general, the car is reliable and unpretentious. Perfectly suitable for both permanent movements around the city, and for long journeys with the whole family. If everything is done wisely, do not spare spare parts and repair, it will please every day and give only the most positive emotions.

Unfortunately, the health problem forces me now to find a new caring owner for Lincoln Town Car – you need finance for treatment. Therefore, for some time I will have to deprive myself and my loved ones of all the benefits that this car gives each time I travel, but I sincerely hope that one day I will have such a wonderful car again. Believe me, time goes by, everything develops, but love for the present and the beautiful never goes away. And Lincoln Town Car is the real, legendary, classic American car.

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