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Media: Chinese companies monitor employees’ emotions through brain activity sensors

This reduces employee errors and saves money for firms.

More than 10 plants in China began using brain activity sensors with artificial intelligence to monitor the emotional state of employees. They are required to constantly wear special devices during work. This was reported by South China Morning Post sources.

Employees of more than 10 plants have to wear helmets with built-in brain wave sensors. Devices help to detect fatigue, panic, sadness and other emotions among employees. Some companies also added sensors to the VR headsets to see how the personnel react to the virtual environment created after the work scenarios.

It is reported that most often the devices began to use production companies, where workers face high risks, for example, among train drivers or electricians. Sensors determine if such an employee is tired or dozed off and gives an alarm signal to the management personnel.

Thus, devices save companies money on errors and accidents. In addition, it is reported that tracking the emotional state helps to increase income. A representative of one of the companies told South China Morning Post that his firm’s revenues grew by $ 315 million from the time when employees introduced the system in 2014.

However, the new requirements of Chinese business do not fully satisfy employees. For example, because of a little stress, they may be asked to take a break for several days and even fire. It is not clear what to do if the system detects a problem in a person who considers himself to be completely healthy.

As noted by the publication, there is no law in China that would prohibit companies from using this approach in their work. Employers use technology to increase revenues, and Chinese employees are often too weak to say “no.”

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