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In Brazilian São Paulo, a burning high-rise collapsed. There were people inside

The abandoned building was used by the homeles

At night from April 30 to May 1 in Brazilian São Paulo, after a violent fire, a multi-storey building collapsed. According to the Euronews channel , the building had 10 to 20 floors, according to the newspaper Express – 26 floors.

One of the eyewitnesses of the incident, who was on a neighboring high-rise, conducted a live broadcast of the collapse in Facebook.

It is reported that shortly before the collapse of the firemen talked on the phone with at least one person who was on the upper floors of the building. According to local media, homeless people (about 50 families) lived in an abandoned apartment building, but the exact number of victims is still unknown.

The fire began at about 1:30 am local time and quickly spread to neighboring buildings. According to rescue services, there is no danger of collapse of other buildings.

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