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Amazon banned the use of its network as a proxy

Amazon banned the use of its network to hide the final address. Access to technology will be retained only by developers who use linked addresses, according to the company’s blog .

According to the statement, the measure is directed against unscrupulous developers who use the network to deceive users and spread malware. At the same time, the disabling of this function will also affect the services that used the Amazon network to bypass the locks, as did the Telegram messenger blocked in Russia under the suit of Roskomnadzor – but in the Telegram case this function was not the only measure.

April 27 Amazon in its blog announced the update of the domain protection policy. Among other things, the company will prohibit the use of domain-fronting technology to redirect traffic to third-party services. The statement was dubbed by The Verge.

Access to technology will remain only with developers who use linked addresses-for example, those protected by a single security certificate.

Amazon claims that the measure is aimed at combating unscrupulous developers who use the company’s network to deceive users, distribute malicious programs and so on. From the closure of the function will also suffer services that use the Amazon network as a proxy for circumventing locks, writes The Verge.

 On April 13, developers of the Tor network noticed that Google used its network as a proxy. The company explained that the company did not support domain-fronting, which was available due to the company’s software features, and does not plan to resume its work.

April 19, it became known that Google did the same – the company disabled the front-end function, which was used to bypass the state locks. Google said that support for the front-end was not implied and its shutdown was planned.

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