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The most interesting thing to hear and see in April


Back in the beginning of the year it was clear that the 2018th in the world music will be fruitful. In April, no one was disappointed: the new clips were produced by well-deserved old people and high-frequency rappers, and the Belarusians seemed to be stepping up, which at the beginning of the year was held at a very dull pace. The new composition Chvrches and the video The Weeknd, the fresh single Drake and the album Janelle Monae. The bonus is learning a new song of the band “Razbіtaie sertsa patsana” in the April compilation for those who like to listen to music younger than their own age.

Who are these people?

Let’s start with the next netlenki of the honored Belarusian collective “Razbitae sertsa patsana”. This time the musicians released a single called “Smuzi-mafina”, in which the content of potentially winged expressions is off scale. Include, enjoy and learn the words to tear your throat at the band’s concerts.

In April, a new studio album of old-school rockers from Bereza – a band: B: N: released. There are no surprises or hints of experiment here – exactly what is expected from a rock band with a 19-year experience. The first single of the album “# kodzhytstsya” was released seven months ago, on it, in principle, and you can make an impression about the album. On an imaginary Belarusian music award: B: N: would have received a reward for fidelity to traditions long ago.

And this is the debut single and a clip from the new Minsk band Nite Nite Nite. About the team so far little is known, but the launch is quite vigorous: nuzzling biting electronics, good work with sound. Not a masterpiece, but quite a hard work. The clip for the composition SFMO turned out to be at least strange, but at the same time it’s funny to watch the strange dances of the Vitebsk artist.

What is going on?

This year, Canadian rapper Drake will release the fifth studio album. In April, he introduced the first single from the longplay called “Nice for what”. One of the most popular musicians of our time, who recently donated a million dollars to the homeless and took it to the video, this time did not surprise: in general, the through video and not the most successful Canadian track.

Contradictory American rapper Cardi B, which last year released a successful track “Bodak Yellow”, thoroughly stuffed the witticism of every confident Internet user, in April introduced the debut “Invasion of Privacy”. It is noteworthy in the first place in that it marked many prominent rappers like 21 Savage and Migos. The rest of the plate is strictly for an amateur – another from Cardi B and was not expected.

At the end of last year, after a long pause, broke the main white rapper of the planet Eminem. He released an album, which was immediately buried by the world’s music critic, with fairly low ratings. Eminem in his usual manner said that everyone is wrong and the album is really very cool. But they did not believe him. I had to release this video clip, which somehow compensates for the unsuccessful material of the record.

In early April, a joint video was presented by Future and Young Thug. If you do not know who they are, then your schoolchild-son is probably in the know – ask him. “Group Home” – this is a real mini-film, shot by Videogod, who previously worked with Wiz Khalifa and Gucci Mane. In addition to the rappers themselves, decorated with gold and diamonds, there is also a whole house with ghosts. Watching this is much more interesting than listening.

Recently, a new album “Dirty Computer” was presented by American singer Janelle Monet – an actress with an academic background who once plunged into the dashing world of pop music and stayed there. The album is full of bright duets – from Brian Wilson of Beach Boys to Zoe Kravitz and Farrell Williams. The work is worth listening to – there are enough bright songs here.

At the end of last year Canadian The Weeknd released a sad and gloomy mini-album, the main track in which was a touching composition “Call out my name”. In April, the musician presented a clip for this song – an empty gloomy city, a dark silhouette of the singer and bats. This is the mood.

In April, a new single was released by rapper Young Thug. He recorded the song “Anybody” with a broad-browed Nicky Minaj – a composition from the new mini-album of the American “Hear no evil”. This is the first release of the musician since the full-length album “Beautiful Thugger Girls”, which was released in 2017 and received good reviews.

Recently a new album was released by the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, who recorded the best work in the zero ones, but remained in the cage of strong indie rock artists. In April, the musicians presented a new clip for the song “Glimpse of love” – ​​a retro show with them in the lead roles. It turned out quite a fun and cheerful – self-irony Scots do not hold.

Another Scottish band Chvrches released a clip for the song “Miracle” from the upcoming album “Love Is Dead”, which is scheduled for release on May 25. He shot the video of Warren Fu, he already worked with the team: the video for the track “Clearest Blue” in 2016 is his handiwork. The song and video turned out very beautiful – soon on all the dance floors of the country!

The new video was presented by the American r’n’b-diva SZA, which last year got its album to the tops of many tops of music editions. “Doves in the wind” is an extremely eclectic work. There are hints of a classic western, and an eastern tradition. And Kendrick Lamar, famously hovering in the air. This video is from those that are really interesting to watch more than once.

A heavier?

In April, the new album released the Italian band Messa, which plays a cute crossover of the darkest, morose and heavy musical styles. It turned out more interesting than the previous work of metalworkers “Belfry”. The group is undeservedly deprived of attention – listen to “Feast for water”, do not regret it.

A new video for the song from last year’s album was released by the Canadian band Metz. These are noisy rockers who are fond of energetic grunge with such enthusiasm, as if Kurt Cobain is still alive. Animated video for the song “Mr. Plague “came out right: crazy work, which is better not to look nervous.

Was there anything more interesting?

The new album after a long silence was released by the wonderful American supergroup A perfect circle. Full-length is called “Eat The Elephant” and has already received mixed reviews from authoritative publications. Pitchfork, for example, put the album of the group 4.9 points. Apparently, the public is still waiting for new material from a completely different group, which is still silent.

And this is a new clip from the Swedish artist Seinabo Sei. Last month she released an interesting track “I owe you nothing”, in which the traditional R & B-vocalises were packed into a gloomy beat. The new Seinabo Sei track is almost a traditional gospel, sweeping and unhurried. It will be interesting to listen to the new album of the artist – he promises to be cool.

In April the album was released by the lovely London indie band Goat Girl. This is chamber energetic rock music for pubs, under which you can skip a pint or two, dance and express respect to selfless young ladies with guitars. They make really cool music for intense body movements.

Good news: signs of life filed by the English electroclash group Ladytron. In 2018, the musicians will release their sixth studio album, and in April they presented a video for the new song “The Animals”. More precisely, not even a clip, but a film – as they called it. The music of the band did not undergo significant changes. Probably, fortunately for the fans.

And one more unexpected announcement and return: the Swedish singer Lykke Li, known to us with the wildly sticky and replicated composition “I follow rivers”, this year again made itself felt and released a couple of songs. One of them is called “Deep end” – the work, of course, differs significantly from the past works of the singer, but it is performed in compliance with all the canons of modern teenage music.

A new work was also announced by Kamashi Washington, the American jazz saxophonist, who last year recorded the critically acclaimed album Harmony of Difference. The album will be called “Heaven and Earth”, and it is preceded by such video sketches – briefly, but with taste.

In April, the new album was released by the merited band Melvins – pioneers of grunge, who played it long before it became mainstream. In general, if you once went deeper into the canons of the genre, you probably know that Melvins are tru. “Do not Forget to Breathe” – not the most characteristic composition of the band, but the video for it is quite unusual.

Last year, American musician Moses Samni released the outstanding debut album “Aromanticism”, caressed by world critics. It had a lot of beautiful and sad melodies, one of which was “Quarrel” – a clip was shot in April. And he is also beautiful – look necessarily, you will not regret.

The New Zealand artist Kimbra released a new album “Primal Heart” in April, which is already predicting a great future. However, the critics’ reviews are rather restrained, but who in 2018 before this is the case? Listen to “Like They Do On The TV” – it’s great pop music, which is very easy to fall in love with.

Danish punks Iceage is about to release a new album “Beyondless” (it should be released on May 4). On the eve of the release, the musicians released a video for the song with the sad name “The Day the Music Dies”. The track sounds more sleek and poppy compared to the previous works of Scandinavian rockers, but still bold. Probably, thanks to this album, the musicians will be able to significantly expand their audience.

And at the end of April the new album “Epitaph” was released by the Irish masters of the sad and multilayer post-rock God is an astronaut. This is the band’s eighth studio album with ringing guitars and a melancholic atmosphere. The new record is a worthy continuation of the band’s general line, so there will be no surprises and disappointments.

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