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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain resigned amid the scandal with the deportation of migrants

Her department secretly set a plan for the expulsion of immigrants from the country who have lived there for more than half a century.

Ember Rudd. Photos
Ember Rudd. Photos

British Interior Minister Ember Rudd resigned, Prime Minister Therese May accepted it, the BBC reported . In her petition for resignation, it is said that the reason was the introduction of the country’s parliament into delusion because of the issue of expulsion of illegal migrants – allegedly Rudd was not aware of what was happening in the agency under her control.

However, the ex-Interior Minister was pressured by the scandal surrounding the expulsion of the “Windrush generation” from the country of migrants, who were brought to the UK from the Caribbean in the mid-20th century to fill the shortage of labor. The concept is called the ship “Empire Windrash”, on which such migrants first arrived in London in 1948.

The scandal around Rudd was due to the fact that some of these migrants, as well as their relatives, were declared illegal. On April 29, The Guardian published a letter from Rudd Therese May in January 2017, where the ex-minister said that there was a plan to increase the rate of expulsion of migrants by 10% over the next years – while Rudd said she did not know about any such indicators.

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