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Photo report about the rally for unlocking Telegram

Today in Moscow there was a rally in support of the telegram messenger. It was organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia with the support of FBK founder Alexei Navalny and the creator of Telegram Pavel Durov. This meeting was the main action against Internet regulation in recent years.

People gathered for 30-40 minutes before the start. The lobby of the Komsomolskaya metro station was filled with a bunch of teenagers waiting for their acquaintances. From there people walked to Sakharov Avenue and collected at the metal detectors. The passage to the avenue was artificially restricted to trucks.

Before entering Sakharov Avenue

After passing through the metal detectors, people headed for the stage. Some stopped and made paper airplanes, shared pieces of paper with others. Some of the participants came with the flags of the Libertarian Party and other organizations. They gathered in small groups and advanced to the stage. There were people with a variety of posters.

More details on how this could be read in the report of  journalist.

Metal detectors at the entrance (by the end of the rally they were removed)
Many launched airplanes into the air, there was enough paper for everyone
Part of the leaflets were distributed by people, the other part was lying on the asphalt
The airplane, however, flew back to the scene

Photos belong to Metzes .

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