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Live broadcast: Meeting against the blockade of Telegram

Prospect Sakharova. Photo by IA "Krasnaya Vesna"
Prospect Sakharova. Photo by IA “Krasnaya Vesna”

On April 30, a march and a rally in support of Telegram, organized by the Libertarian Party, will be held in Moscow on Sakharov Avenue. Exit on them called and creator messenger Pavel Durov, founder and FBK Alexei Navalny.

Telegram blocking is a national disgrace: no state claiming leadership in the 21st century should impede the development of its own technologies and digital progress.

The methods by which the government "develops the Internet" and the new laws on social networks do not leave any hope that the situation will be resolved by itself.

We are broadcasting live from the rally against the blocking of the telegraph, which takes place in Moscow on Sakharov Avenue.

May 5 rallies will be held in support of the right to be a real citizen of Russia.

Moscow, Tverskaya Street, 14:00 (
St. Petersburg, Palace Square, 14:00 (

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