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Iran banned Telegram

Today, on April 30, the Iranian court ruled to ban the use of Telegram throughout the republic.

Based on security requirements, the judiciary banned the use of the messenger. The decision was also affected by numerous complaints of citizens of the country.

On the eve of the court ruling, the Iranian government issued a directive on the need for a complete ban on the use of foreign messengers by civil servants (including the Teelgram).

Spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, personally stated about the refusal of “messenger Pavel Durov”. An alternative to Telegram was called the national messenger Soroush.

For Telegram, the audience of Iranian users is palpable. The messenger is used by more than 45 million Iranians (about 21% of the total number of registrations). The audience of Russian users is about 15 million people. TASS ]

Judicial bodies of Iran have banned the use of the telegram in the territory of the country, reports Reuters referring to the Iranian state television.

“Taking into account the numerous complaints against Telegram from Iranian citizens, and also based on the requirements of the special services to combat illegal activities in Telegram, the judicial authorities banned its use in Iran,” Iranian television announced.

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