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How the St. Petersburger and two schoolchildren got under the tank at the city festival “Combat Steel”

The event was organized in the city park, but the authorities denied their involvement in the inciden

A shot from the video of Peter Nazarov
A shot from the video of Peter Nazarov

On April 29, during the Battle Steel festival, which took place in the Park named after the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, two children and a grown man got under the T-60 tank when he was crossing a sandy embankment. After that, the Investigative Committee started a pre-investigation investigation, and the St. Petersburg authorities stated that the organizers had no permission to conduct the festival.

On “Combat Steel” suffered four people, including schoolchildren at the age of 10 and 15 years. The most serious injuries were received by Peter Nazarov, who fell under the tracks of the Soviet tank of the Second World War, which belongs to the organizers of the Red Star reenactment club.

In a conversation with Nazarov said that there was no safety training before the trip, and there was nothing to hold onto the tank: there were not only ropes, but also any handrails.

We were not instructed at all, we took only 300 rubles each. There was no handrail on the tank – bare armor. [after the fall] I thought that I would be crushed, life swept before my eyes for a second. He was born in a shirt.

Peter Nazarov
hit the tank and survived

During the fall, Nazarov accidentally touched the inspection hatch, so the tank driver found out about the incident only by the cries of the crowd. The man recorded his trip on video, including the accident where he found himself under the tank (you can see it from 1.15).

Nazarov noted that together with him two children were under the tank, but they were not injured. He said that at first the staff of the festival “did not perceive” the situation: on the video one of them says that it is “just a scratch.”

Then already when on a stretcher into the car went to bed, the blood oozed, the wound deep. Now I’m at home with a fracture in a cast.

Peter Nazarov

Nazarov was not offered compensation for treatment or any damage. He noted that he was not going to sue the organizers, but did not explain the reason for his decision.

Photo from Peter Nazarov's page in VKontakte
Photo from Peter Nazarov’s page in VKontakte

According to Fontanka, Krasnaya Zvezda did not receive the necessary permits for the festival from local authorities. Organizers were given approval in the Committee for Improvement, which is in charge of the Park of the 300th anniversary, but this is not enough.

In the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg, journalists were informed that they refused to give the Red Star to the organization of Combat Steel in the park.

The organization “Red Star” appealed to us for the approval of the tank festival “Combat Steel” in the park of the 300th anniversary. We refused. How military equipment worked there and on what grounds services were rendered to the population, I do not know

Konstantin Sukhenko
Chairman of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg

“Fontanka” found out that the “Red Star” was conducting the festival, receiving illegal income: the visitors of Battle Steel were paid 300 rubles for skating, but they were not given any checks, and payment was possible only in cash. According to the publication, the event continued on the day after the incident, despite the beginning of the investigation by the Investigative Committee.

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