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Gigi Hadid and Zane Malik are together again

A week earlier it became known that Gigi Hadid and Zane Malik broke up, but the day after this news in an ELLE interview, Hadid called Malik his boyfriend. Moreover, young people, although they did not appear together and formally ceased to be a couple, did not look depressed. Gigi and did put in Snapchat a short video called “I Miss You”, where she sings the hit of Zane Pillowtalk; In addition, the paparazzi have noticed that she continues to wear the pendant in the shape of the letter Z.

“They parted and almost immediately reunited,” the source said and added that “they are so young that they can quarrel, break up and come together again. They are both very quick-tempered. ” The reasons for the conflicts in Hadid and Malik are enough: “Zane loves to stay at home, Gigi, on the contrary, loves to be in the spotlight and go to parties. An introvert and an extrovert, a common thing. ”

Zein Malik and Gigi Hadid

It is interesting that the reconciliation of young people was a surprise for Gigi Mohamed Hadid’s father. “I did not even know that they broke up, you must. This morning we had breakfast with Gigi … I had no idea that they were all so fast, “joked Senior Hadid.

The gap that occurred at the initiative of Malik, Gigi Hadid experienced very hard. “Gigi is terribly worried and can not find a place. She still hopes that she and Zane will be able to reconcile. She’s sick without Zane, she’s very used to it, “one of her friends said.

About the novel Hadid and the ex-member One Direction, the press started talking in November after the couple left the ceremony of the American Music Awards 2015. For a while, the information was not confirmed, and relatives Gigi and Zeyna reported that young people are just friends. On December 20, Malik posted a joint photo of Hadid in his Instagram account, which was perceived as an official confirmation of their relationship. Next, the couple began to appear in public, not hiding their novel.

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