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Roskomnadzor introduced to the register of prohibited sites for the distribution of “propaganda of non-traditional relations”

The agency gave the site a day to delete the information, but did not specify what to remove.

Roskomnadzor notified about entering into the register of prohibited sites. The agency gave the resource a day to delete information prohibited for distribution, otherwise the site will be restricted access.

In conversation with , the editor-in-chief Ed Mishin noted that the agency did not specify which publications should be removed. He added that he intended to file a complaint. According to him, Roskomnadzor will take a decision on blocking within 30 days.

The site was entered into the register on the basis of the decision of the Altai District Court of November 15, 2017. Judge Olga Kvasova decided that posted “information that promotes non-traditional sexual relations.” According to the resolution, the information posted on the website may cause the underage children’s interest in “the distortion of the notion of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations and the emergence of a desire to engage in unconventional sexual relations, which poses a real threat to their health.”

The document also says that the dissemination of such information adversely affects the moral, spiritual, mental and physical development, as well as the health and life of minors, and detracts from the value of family relations.

The plaintiff in the case was the prosecutor of the Altai region of Khakassia and the Yenisei department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications. The verdict of the court came into force on December 22, 2017.

In the judgment, the court referred to article 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (propaganda of non-traditional sexual violations among minors), article 4 of the federal law on guarantees of the rights of the child, as well as to the family legislation of the Russian Federation, which “proceeds from the need to strengthen traditional family relations based on feelings of mutual love and respect men and women, their children, and does not provide for the possibility of raising children in same-sex families. ” was founded in 1997, it positions itself as a “server of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people”. This is one of the oldest resources of Runet, dedicated to LGBT people.

We have been with you 20 years, since September 1997. Stay connected by using available means of free movement on the Internet. Our site is intended for persons over 18 years of age, which contains an appropriate note.

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In November 2013, Roskomnadzor reported that it did not find illegal propaganda on The agency indicated that the site contains the marking “18+” and a note that the site may contain materials “for adults”. It was alleged that thanks to this resource does not violate the ban on propaganda of homosexuality among children prescribed in the Code of Administrative Offenses.

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