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Overhead beards and wigs: Iranian women changed into men to get to football

It turned out like in the movie: their favorite team won the match and became the champion of Iran.


In Iran, women are officially prohibited from attending football matches, because they do not have the right to sit next to men. However, the fans of the club “Persepolis” did not stop this – they bought overhead beards, mustaches and wigs.

Photos of the five fans were published by fans of “Persepolis”: the women took with them the flags of their beloved team and were not afraid to play the chants together with other fans of the club. Some have already called them “heroines” for a brave act.

تبریک میگم به این دختر دختر و پرسپولیس که این هوادارا ها رو داره #ما_خواهان_آزادی_ورود_زنان_به_استادیوم_هستیم من فقط نمیدونم چرا خود خانم ها میگن حالا رفتی ورزشگاه ک چی؟! #پرسپولیسی#پرسپولیس#غیرت#هوادار#ارتش_سرخ#دختر#perspolis#redarmy#red

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“Persepolis” that day won with a score of 3: 0, thanks to which he became the champion of Iran. After the match, the team was awarded the cup, and the awarding ceremony was held at the stadium. Behind all this, the fans watched from the stands.

In Iran, women are forbidden not only to attend stadiums, but also to sit with men in public transport or to eat nearby in restaurants. Some stadiums have special stands for women, but you can only go there in the hijab.

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