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Milonov demanded to close the “AIDS Center” for gay propaganda

The politician wrote an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to conduct a procedural check of the resource.

State Duma deputy Vitaly Molonov posted on his Facebook page a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office demanding “immediate closure of the harmful resource” “AIDS Center” and “bringing to justice the organizers.”

Under the cover of AIDS prevention in Russia, there is a frank pederastically liberal resource AIDS.centre. Guided by a gay overexposure Krasovsky – infected as well as all pederasts with AIDS himself. I demand immediate closure of this harmful resource and bringing to justice the organizers. Our children can access this resource with the propaganda of pederasty. But lobbyists categorically oppose our parental right to regulate such access.

Vitaliy Milonov
Deputy of the State Duma

Anton Milanov was already responded by the director of the AIDS Center Foundation, Anton Krasovsky.

Thank you for your attention to our work. We grew up to Milonov’s request to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

We are created openly, we do not hide anything, we will be happy to help any controlling body to carry out its legitimate duties.

Also we have in the trustees a colleague of Vitaly Milonov, State Duma deputy Oksana Viktorovna Pushkina. I think that she, for her part, will somehow get involved in the discussion of this issue and in assessing the behavior of Vitaly Milonov in the State Duma – there are many questions to it.

It’s sad to me that the State Duma from parliament has turned into this … If this is really the language on which the State Duma is now talking, it’s very sad to me that now such a Duma is in Russia. I hope that the next Duma will be better. If they close us and they shoot me, it means that they will close us and shoot me. So, someone needs it. Perhaps this will help Russia to get ahead.

Anton Krasovsky
Director of the AIDS Center.

“AIDS.Center” exists since 2016 and is engaged in the prevention of the spread of HIV infection in Russia, as well as assisting patients with positive HIV status. The director of the fund is journalist Anton Krasovsky. The fund’s board of trustees includes a State Duma deputy and TV presenter Oksana Pushkina, journalist Pavel Lobkov, ex-senator Konstantin Dobrynin.

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