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In the “Silicon Valley” the bitcoin course was notified by a death metal song. Now she can put herself any

It is not clear who wants to use this (except Gilfoyle).

In the third episode of Silicon Valley’s fifth season, Martin Starr’s character Gilfoyle said that mining bitcoin as additional earnings, but only when the exchange rate rises above a certain value – profitable for extraction.

To track the course, Gilfoyl installed an office program that includes the song ” You Suffer ” of the death metal band Napalm Death. Due to the unstable course of crypto currency, the song is being played more and more often and only irritates everyone around. The composition “You suffer” was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest in history: it only sounds 1.3 seconds, for which

A signal about the change in the bitcoin rate in the Silicon Valley

The Icelandic website design agency Viska has created a web-based version of the “death metal alarm of Gilfoyle.” Employees of the company told The Verge that they made “just for fun.” For this, the developers wrote a Javascript plugin that takes a bitcoin course from and then builds it into a WordPress site. All work took three hours.

Now, any user can use the Gilfoyle method from the serial for bitcoin mining. The authors noted that they themselves monitor the crypto currency using the site.

We follow the bitcoin course very often and beautiful music playing every time it passes a certain value makes our day better.

representatives of the Viska agency
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