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In Telegram there was a glitch around the world due to “serious overheating” of servers

Durov warned users about possible problems, and under his tweets, scammers appeared again.

Around 2:00 Moscow time, Telegram users from different countries began to complain about problems with access to the service, it follows from the data of the site Downdetector.

Updated at 10:14: the Telegram team explained interruptions in the messenger’s work by switching off the electricity in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

“Restorative work is under way after a massive power outage in Amsterdam’s district. Telegram users in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Russia and the CIS, are experiencing connection problems ”
Most of the appeals came from Europe, including from Moscow, Kiev, London, Rome, Milan, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna. There are also problems in Asia and America: many complaints have appeared from Tashkent, Beirut, Vancouver, Dallas, San Francisco and New York.

Map faults on the site Downdetector. The situation is at 4:00 Moscow time
Map faults on the site Downdetector. The situation is at 4:00 Moscow time

According to users, they have lost access to their accounts and could not even login. Those who manage to enter the messenger, encounter problems when sending messages.

According to Pavel Durov, the cause of the malfunction was the “serious overheating” of servers. The founder of Telegram apologized for the failure and noted that the team began to solve the problem.

In the comments to Durov’s tweet, there appeared several fake accounts with the same name and avatar, but other nicknames, for example @ club8music and @ audreyjames04. They allegedly respond on behalf of the creator of Telegram, calling the cause of the DDoS-attack problems and offering users compensation in the form of a crypto currency. This is not the first time: on March 29, scammers alstook advantage of a messenger messenger and earned $ 60,000.

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