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In Melbourne, the university was evacuated because of the smell of gas, but someone just forgot in the closet the durians

Tropical fruits are forbidden to store in closed rooms because of a specific flavor.

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About 500 students and teachers were removed from the University of Melbourne because of the strong odor from the library. Arrived firefighters thought about the gas leak, but it turned out that the fragrance was leaving the durians left in the closet.

The students were evacuated around 15:00 local time, when several employees reported a sharp smell. Firefighters arrived, who examined the university building and the library, from where the smell came from. Initially, the security service announced a leak of chemicals or gas.

“The smell was not a chemical gas, but a fragrance emanating from a rotting durian that remained in the closet,” the firefighters said. Through the ventilation system, the smell was filled by the entire university. Rescuers cleared the building of the fragrance and ran the students back to 18:00.

Durian is a fruit from South-East Asia, which has a strong smell, which makes it forbidden to store it in closed rooms. For the preparation of durian need to quickly clean them and throw the peel out of the room to avoid acute odor.

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