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“I have no words”: a one-handed football player made his way to the NFL – and fell into one team with his brother

For the first time in the history of professional American football, the player got a contract without a brush – he lost it in his childhood due to illness.

Shakim Griffin. Getty Photos
Shakim Griffin. Getty Photos

In late April, the National Football League (NFL) Draft was held in Dallas, an annual set of newcomers who want to become professional players in national football. Teams in turn select students in which they see the potential, and conclude contracts with them.

In the fifth round of the draft there was a historical event – the club “Seattle Seahocks” named the name of 22-year-old defender Shakem Griffin (Shaquem Griffin). As a child, he lost his brush because of the syndrome of amniotic constrictions of his left hand, which caused unbearable pain. But Griffin did not abandon football and became a university star, having received the title of defender of the year in his conference.

At first, the NFL clubs did not see prospects in it, but the one-armed football player surprised everyone in the March review of the newcomers, showing excellent results in all tests. After that, the chances of getting into professional football have grown. On April 28, Seattle Seahawks called Griffin and asked if he wanted to play for them. In the same team is listed Shakil Griffin, his twin brother.

“I did not know what to say. I could not breathe, I did not have words, “Shakem later recalled the moment of the call. The media have already called the athlete’s history “a ready Hollywood script.”

People doubted me at every level, in every particular match. They doubt me at this stage. Every time I argued to them that they were wrong. And I will do the same in the NFL.

I want to show the whole world: it does not matter how many hands you have – one or two. If you can play American football, then you will do it.

Shackem Griffin
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