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Durov called for a rally for freedom of the Internet on April 30

And he called the action on Sakharov Avenue “a historic chance for Muscovites to express a common position.”

Pavel Durov called on Russian users to attend a rally for Internet freedom that will be held in Moscow on April 30. According to the creator of Telegram, this is a historic opportunity for Muscovites “to express a common position.”

The last two weeks we conducted an unequal battle with the Internet censor. We did this for you – our Russian users. However, the future of the Russian Internet is, ultimately, in your hands.

Pavel Durov
the creator of Telegram

Durov asked not to listen to those who believe that “the rally will not change anything.”

Russia is at a crossroads – full-scale censorship has not yet been introduced. If inactive, Russia will lose Telegram and other popular services. Your active participation can change the course of history.

Pavel Durov
the creator of Telegram

Previously, Durov already urged Russians to speak in support of Telegram: on April 22 he asked to launch aircraft from the windows. The action was attended by hundreds of people throughout Russia.

On April 30, on Sakharov Avenue, a meeting will be held against Roskomnadzor, for unlocking Telegram and for free Internet. The action was organized by the Libertarian party, it was supported by Alexey Navalny, and the Moscow mayor’s office gave permission.

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