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Blocking Telegram as an anecdote. The best memes and viral videos of April

April was full of serious events, which without a smile through tears were difficult to perceive. This is the beauty of the Internet – inadequacy in the real world is perceived here with irony and sarcasm. And that’s why it does not come out quite at all. Vain attempts by Roskomnadzor to block Telegram, arguing bikers, the performance of Mark Zuckerberg’s reptilian robot – this and much more in our traditional memetic collection.

How to Block Telegram

The blocking of the rather popular messenger in runet could not do without a ton of ironic jokes in the direction of Roskomnadzor and its helplessness in the matter of this very lock. The messenger, like a slippery fish, and strove to jump out from under the banhamera authorities. In the meantime, these hammers waved to the right and left, under the blow came other services, law-abiding from Roskomnadzor’s point of view: Amazon, Viber, Google, Twitch and so on. The best fight against the windmill was illustrated by the YouTube user under the nickname Maxim Kazarnovskiy, who took as a basis the Soviet cartoon “Well, wait!”.

This cartoon has become a real treasure of inspiration for jokers. You just have a look at these videos.

In addition, they remembered the good old Spanish laughing-idler who contagiously and with a laugh told about the blockade from the position of Roskomnadzor.

Not without the classical scenes in the bunker of Hitler. It turned out, however, not very funny, but topical.

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Remember and patsanskie series of “zero”

Father and son quarreled

In the “zero” on Discovery came a reality show about mechanics who specialized in long-wheeled motorcycles. The show was called “American Chopper”, and led by his father and son – Paul and Paul Jr. Teetels, who were mechanics. In 2008 they quarreled. The quarrel was imprinted on the camera and hit one of the issues.

From this moment, five frames were taken, which then turned into a kind of Internet comic book, where Dad and his son argue on completely different topics: from “Star Wars” and the best doshirac to the evaluation of Dada paintings.

VICE journalists met with Teteel Sr. and found out that he knew about memes only when he himself became the hero of the meme. Father says that the conflict with his son was more frightening than ridiculous. However, the more he looks at different variations of the meme, the funnier the whole situation becomes.

Cutlets with mashed potatoes

Memasiki is getting more and more active on television. The main driver is Ivan Urgant, who in his evening show makes curtsey to Internet jokers. In early April, such a compliment was awarded to Internet performer Enjoykin, midi-keyboard which owns the hit “Cutlet with a Puree.”

To actor Mikhail Trukhin, who played in “The Street of Broken Lights”, came to visit. On this occasion, the opera singer and a small orchestra were invited to the studio and performed a hit song from the Internet.

Akira 100%

On YouTube, found a very popular account of a Japanese circus performer in a rather piquant genre. The user under the pseudonym Akira 100% works with his magic steel balls completely naked. And while not showing anything bawdy. The circus has everything checked up to the smallest movement. Titanic work and years of training as nothing.

But it should be noted that some of the videos of the Japanese are kept in suspense. You’re worried that the irreparable is about to happen.

One-legged goose

The whole drama was arranged by the Instagram user from the USA who met a one-legged goose in the parking lot. Well, as a one-legged … So the girl counted, and she could not think that many birds prefer to stand on one leg and warm the other in their fluff. The American was so imbued with empathy for the poor bird that she even burst into tears: “No one cares for a one-legged goose!” What was her surprise when the bird took and went.

Many umbilical cord

If you wanted to learn a little more about childbirth, but you were always deterred by excessive naturalism of training videos, pay attention to the creativity of the students of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University. “We ridiculed those methods of excitation that are presented in the video. This is not propagation of stimulation of labor by oxytocin and amniotomy. As future specialists, we are not going to use them routinely and even more groundlessly, “commented the authors.

Zuckerberg is not reptiloid

In April, Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to the US Congress on his carpet to report on the leakage of user data from Facebook. For the seriousness of the situation, Internet users saw the comic character of Zuckerberg, often called a hidden reptiloid. But it turned out that Mark is not a reptile at all, but a robot. Even in Congress, he sat on a special wireless charge (in fact, no).


The Indonesian artist Fransdith Muasifini, in addition to working in the field of 3D animation, has a hobby. He puts seals in collages. And makes the animals so huge that they call “cat-shells.” By analogy with Godzilla.

Most often the artist places cats in city landscapes, giving his work a certain plot. For example, one animal can fall apart in the middle of the highway, blocking the movement, and the other two – to play with a skyscraper, like with a scratching pad.

Web Comics

And here are a few comics that we saw in April, but have not forgotten.


We conclude the article with a traditional selection of the most amusing and entertaining “kobov” from the same service.

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