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What happened to the Soviet figure skater Kira Ivanova

Today, this figure skater, probably, will not remember all. Well, except that those who are seriously into sports. But the British actress Keira Knightley certainly know everything. And meanwhile it was the performance of the Soviet sportswoman that prompted the actor Will Knightley to name the daughter by that name. When Kire Knightley was 16, Kirov Ivanov was found dead.

Olympic champion

Kira Ivanova was born in Moscow in 1963. It is not known who led the 6-year-old girl to the figure skating section, but it was hardly her mother. The woman abused alcohol and brought up her daughter almost did not. Kira lived with her grandmother. After 9 years Ivanov expected the first great success: she became the 2nd among juniors at the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR. Later, Kira Ivanova became the first figure skater in the history of the Soviet Union, who excelled in singles skating at the Olympic Games. In 1984, she went to the Olympics in Sarajevo, where she returned with a bronze medal.

Only silver

Kira Ivanova laid out on the ice completely, but the absurd mistakes, which she for some reason too often committed, constantly prevented her from taking the top step of the podium. She always became the second. From 1986 to 1988 in the European championships Ivanov gets only silver. Participation in the next Olympics did not bring the Soviet figure skater even bronze: she was not even in the top three, and took only 7th place. Apparently, this failure was her last blow, and Ivanova left.


Kira Ivanova began to work as a coach. They say that she had talent in this. But the skater did not last long in the new place. She started to drink. Perhaps, the bad genes that she inherited from her mother affected. Soon Ivanova even stopped going out on the ice in order to show their wards some elements. She simply could not stand firmly on her feet, not that she was on skates. From some point of Cyrus even to work began to appear in a state of intoxication. Most likely, precisely because Ivanova too abused alcohol, she eventually lost her coaching position. For the same reason, her husband left her. And Kira did not have any children, although she really dreamed about them. In addition, my beloved grandmother also died, replacing the athlete’s mother. After the skater left, nothing prevented her from drinking as much as she liked. A prolonged drinking and subsequent hospitalization in the narcological dispensary reduced her to other alcoholics. Noisy companies began to gather in her Moscow office. And at the end of December 2001, Ivanova’s apartment suddenly became silent. After 2 days, not indifferent neighbors went to Cyrus (for some reason the door was not locked) and found a woman dead. Someone inflicted more than 15 stab wounds on the skater. Called to the place of police officers suggested that the murder could have been committed by one of her drinking companions on the basis of a banal household quarrel. However, the criminal was never found.

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