What can tell a car about the nature of the owner (8 photos)

Can a car tell something about its owner? Of course. In this issue, there are many myths and prejudices, one way or another associated with offensive jokes. However, the way a person drives a car, what size the body prefers and what equipment he chooses – can tell a lot about his temperament and way of life.

1. The size

Size matters. However, the “complex of a large jeep” is in fact a myth. In this issue much less from Freud than some would like. Although large cars really very often take small stocky, hard-built people. Often, there are also fragile women who are thus trying to feel more protection.

With small cars, everything is a bit more complicated. Those who prefer compact cars, as a rule, people are practical, considering that the car must first of all carry, and only then do the rest.

2. Driving style

The style of driving really depends on the temperament of a person. The way a person behaves on the road is much more indicative of his temperament than behavior at home or in the workplace. You can judge the temperament by the way a person plays sports games, dances, swims.

3. Operation

The way a person cares and decorates his car, speaks very well about his inner world. If a person is inclined to strongly tuning a car, making it frankly catchy, there is an occasion to think about. For example, this may indicate a lack of attention or problems in sexual life.

4. Boarding at the wheel

The position of the man in the driver’s seat also vividly testifies to his inner world. Those who sit exactly, clearly are strict people and appreciate the order. People who are hunching are not very sure of themselves. However, here we must take into account that the position of landing strongly depends on the mood of a person.

5. Complete set

Fans of suede in the cabin are more sensual. Those who prefer a lot of leather, metal and chrome are likely to be incredibly active and can be aggressive. At the same time, those who prefer leather interior, pay much attention to how they look. But the presence of wooden elements indicates a desire for order and complete control.

6. Body color

The white color of the car indicates a pedantic personality. Fans of catchy colors definitely want to attract extra attention and feel younger than their years. But those who take gray, black and dark blue cars at heart are conservatives.

7. The hidden meaning

There are people who give names to frequently used subjects, determine their gender and even talk with them. In general, there is nothing wrong with this, but this behavior clearly indicates that a person may have some problems in his personal life. He lacks attention or (more likely) understanding from close people.

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