Werwolf-limousine from St. Petersburg with a bizarre design (19 photos)

Can you name at least one modern domestic business-class car? Perhaps you will remember the project “Tuple”, but we have not seen any live cars, and not the fact that they will go on a free sale. Can it be an elongated Lada Vesta Signature? No, it is not possible to assign the car to the business class. Meanwhile, attempts to create a comfortable and luxurious domestic car were.

Take at least Werwolf, or “Werewolf”, made at the St. Petersburg factory “Optima” in 2007.
Design solutions hide the dimensions of a huge sedan length of 5260 mm and a width of 2000 mm. Its small height (only 1400 mm), coupled with a fast-moving silhouette, creates its unusual and memorable image.
For the construction used an elongated chassis from the Mercedes-Benz ML-class SUV. Under the hood was an American 4.6-liter V8 Cadillac Northstar rated at 305 hp. This was put on the Cadillac Eldorado and Seville. It is enough to accelerate an almost 2-ton car (curb weight 1882 kg) to 100 km / h in 8 seconds and reach 245 km / h.
Limousine is a load-bearing welded body with hinged composite body panels. Suspension brackets are mounted on isolated subframes and are attached to the body through rubber cushions, 6 pillows per subframe.
Note that the rear doors swing open against traffic, like the English limousines Rolls-Royce. The central body rack for stiffness is retained.
The spacious salon is lined with natural leather with inserts of precious woods, there is also climate control, an expensive audio system, a sunroof. Depending on the performance, it could be two or three-row.
The front panel is extremely laconic: three round devices are placed under the general visor and placed in the center, and some of the buttons are located on the central tunnel next to the selector of the automatic transmission.
Interestingly, at that time Werwolf cost 60 thousand euros. The company was going to manufacturer such limousines in small lots, but something did not go.
Perhaps, the unfortunate design of the exterior, very much reminiscent of the elements of the goggle-eyed Volkswagen Lupo, is to blame.

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