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Unusual places where you can swim (7 photos)

Love to swim? How about taking a swim among a pack of jellyfish, on the edge of the abyss or on the roof of a skyscraper?

1. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

In this stunning beauty of the bay, millions of dinoflagellates of microscopic organisms live, emitting glow when moving. A small splash – and the water around you is illuminated by a magical greenish-blue radiance! An ideal place for a romantic bathing under the starry sky, do not you think?

2. Devil’s Pool, Zimbabwe

Numerous photographs of swimmers hanging over the edge of the Victoria Falls are nothing more than a vision trick: in fact, the Devil’s Pool is a small lagoon reliably protected by rocks. However, if you still manage to overflow, then the joy will be small: in this case you will have as much as 103 meters of freefall! Fortunately, when the brave tourists were flushed down by the current, it was never recorded, and the views of the powerful streams of water falling directly from under you are remembered once and for all.

3. Lake of jellyfish, Palau

The small lake of the island country of Palau is connected to the ocean by numerous cracks and underwater tunnels in limestone walls formed from an ancient coral reef. At the same time the lake turned out to be quite isolated, so that the creatures living in it developed into new species – different from those that can be found in the sea. As a result, two unique species of jellyfish live in the waters of the lake: gold and lunar. Although they both have stinging tentacles, the poison in them is not enough to cause harm to humans.

4. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Stunning beauty place, hiding in the bottom of the famous Grand Canyon. The waterfall is famous, first of all, with the rich emerald color, which these waters owe to a high quantity of minerals. The water temperature in the picturesque backwater does not exceed 21 degrees, even on the hottest day. However, getting into this magnificent oasis in the middle of arid Arizona is not so easy: you have to overcome at least 16 kilometers on foot along the bottom of the canyon.

5. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Have you ever considered Iceland as a country where you can swim well? No? And here and in vain! Iceland Blue Lagoon – a tourist attraction is relatively new: it originated only in 1976 by artificial means. Bathing in the water of the lagoon is often compared with bathing in fresh milk: despite the ever cool air of Iceland, the average water temperature in the Blue Lagoon ranges from +37 ° C to +40 ° C. But the most surprising thing in the lagoon is, of course, the milky-blue color of its water – the result of a high concentration of white clay and other minerals.

6. Pool on the roof of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The pool on the roof of the luxury hotel provides visitors with two excellent opportunities: first, take a swim with a dizzying view of Singapore’s skyscrapers, and secondly – take a picture “on the edge of the abyss.” Of course, it’s impossible to sweep over the edge of the pool thanks to the technical projection, which is invisible from the side, but this does not prevent photos. However, unfortunately, only guests of the hotel are permitted to swim here, the prices in which are extremely biting: from $ 350 per night.

7. The Dead Sea

Traveling to Israel or Jordan can be considered inadequate if you do not plunge into the Dead Sea – the famous huge lake, the salt content in the waters of which exceeds 30 percent. Just remember: the opportunity to lie on the water surface with a newspaper in your hand does not mean that you can not drown in the Dead Sea, if you do not know how to swim, and your eyes must be carefully protected from the burning saline drops.

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