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The students surrounded the main building of the Moscow State University with a “living shield” in protest against the fan zone of the 2018 World Cup

The playground for fans will prevent you from studying and doing scientific work, the participants of the action are sure.

Students of the Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics jointly held a “Living Shield” action. So they opposed the construction of a fan zone for the World Cup 2018 near the main building of Moscow State University. The format of the action was proposed by the students of the Higher School of Economics.

According to the calculations of the “University solidarity” trade union, 200 people took part in the action. No detentions were reported, but the policemen present on the spot several times asked the students to disperse. Participants of the initiative group complained that after the action in the main building of the Moscow State University, the Internet was disconnected.

In April 2016, FIFA approved the list of grounds for fans of the 2018 World Cup, among which was the territory on the Vorobyovy Gory. Students are sure that in the summer because of the fan zone it will be impossible to study, take exams and do scientific work. In hostels near the place of the fan zone live 6.5 thousand people. According to the evaluation of the participants of the action, up to 20,000 students of Moscow State University staff are regularly in the main building.

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