The strangest vehicles (11 photos)

People create amazing things. The engineer genius of man really knows no boundaries and, strange as it may sound, is capable of even “breaking” the laws of physics! Or at least common sense … In any case, the creators of these vehicles were either insane or geniuses.

1. Honda Lawn Mower

Pierce Ward of the British magazine Top Gear was able to accelerate the Honda lawnmower to 187 km / h after it was installed on a 109-horsepower engine from the Honda VTR Firestorm sports car, as well as wheels from the ATV.

2. Basket for laundry with engine

An unusual vehicle was made by TV host Ed Chain. He forced the vehicle to travel at speeds of up to 68 km / h from the sink, bath and laundry basket. What for? This is the most correct and very good question!
3. Stroller from the supermarket

Enthusiast Matt McCone has built a trolley for jet shopping, capable of accelerating to 113 km / h. This was possible after installing a modified engine on it from the American helicopter Boeing CH-47 Chinook.
4. Mirai

This vehicle is called the same as the hydrogen sedan from the company Toyota. Made this miniature vehicle height of 45.2 cm students Okayama Sanyo High School. The car is even allowed to drive on public roads.
5. The “Crouch”

For today it is the smallest car that can be used on common roads. It was created in 2012 by Austin Coulson. The dimensions of the car are only 63.5х65.41х126.47 cm.
6. The Great Tricycle

This tricycle the size of a four-story house was designed by the Sudhakar Indian. On it you can not only sit, but also ride. It should be noted that an excellent view of the surroundings opens from the top.
7. A huge skateboard

What about the biggest skateboard on the planet? This thing looks really impressive, though it’s quite inconvenient to ride it. The length of the “board” is 11.4 meters. The height is 1.10 meters.
8. Badger

The smallest armored car, created by Howe and Howe Technologies specifically for the US police. It accommodates only one person, it does not have personal weapons, but “Badger” can be used inside the building. Even in the elevator is placed!
9. Motorized log

The fastest log on the planet. Literally. It has an electric motor with a capacity of 35 horsepower. The “jet” beam was created by the Canadian engineer Brian Reed. It can accelerate to 225 km / h.
10. Office table on wheels

Another crazy creature of Ed. This time – an office table on wheels with an engine. Jokes-jokes, but this “something” accelerates to 140 km / h.

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