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The paratrooper student accidentally unhooked the main parachute in the air instead of opening it

Remained only with pillows of a release in hands, but has rescued “zapaska”.

The Jointheteem channel published a video of the emergency situation during the parachute jump of one of the students. The young man confused the handles and, instead of opening the main parachute, unhooked him (probably he had worked out the movement before the automatism when he was practicing on the ground).

When the guy realized the mistake, he still tried to open the main parachute. But since before that he pulled out the pens (they were in his hands), the parachute just flew into the air.

Fortunately, the RSL system was built into the young man’s backpack: it automatically opens a spare parachute when the main one is uncoupled. As a result, the paratrooper managed to land safely.

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