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The new “Avengers” are different from previous Marvel movies. Without spoilers

Do not believe those who call the “War of Infinity” a masterpiece of cinema, but for comic books this is a big step forward.

On May 3, the third part of the Avengers appears in Russian cinemas with the subtitle The War of Infinity. Editor went to the premiere a little earlier and tells how the new blockbuster from Marvel can surprise even the comedians tired of the screen versions of the audience and why one should not believe the highest scores from critics.

Do not wait for a masterpiece and do not believe high marks

A major merit and at the same time the problem of modern comic books is a devoted fanbase. When the Justice League came out, low ratings were explained by the hatred of the Marvel fans, and after the premiere of the Black Panther, the higher scores proved to be a sign of the spirit of the times rather than a consequence of the high quality of the picture. The “War of Infinity” has enough and negative reviews, and reviews with the phrases “film for all time.” Both points of view are not entirely correct.

New “Avengers” seem tedious and incomprehensible to those who have not watched at least the five previous films Marvel. The picture in principle is easily criticized: the characters do not develop, the installation is too ragged, the three-act structure is broken. But the authors did not try to please the critics, they, as promised to the fans, took off the three-hour confrontation of 40 superheroes with a huge space villain.

The second “Captain America” ​​was the first spy thriller from Marvel, “The Guardians of the Galaxy” showed how Marvel can joke on himself, “War of Infinity” – just the result of all the work of the studio for 10 years.

No preludes and pauses

Each of the nearly two dozen films in the Marvel universe began with a brief back story: how Captain America appeared, who are the Guardians of the Galaxy, from where the Torah hammers, from which Tony Stark collected his costume. In the “War of Infinity” this is not to be found – the film immediately shows the battle between two key characters with the villains and, as it were, says: “There is no time to explain, everything is serious for us”.

The same goes for the tempo of the story in the Avengers: a fight, an important dialogue, a fight, an unimportant dialogue with a joke, a fight – and so almost three hours. Similarly, the first “Avengers” worked, where the plot of one hero flowed into the plot of another, only now it’s the history of mini-teams that met the end of the world in different parts of the universe. So worked and the final series of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones”.

Rousseau’s brothers do not need to arrange respite and introduce the viewer into the course of affairs, because “War of Infinity” is another series of a large-budget series, just a very long one.

Finally, an interesting villain

Forgive, Killmanager fans, sorry, Loki’s fans, but Thanos is a villain with the most understandable motivation of all Marvel movies. Viewers know about it since 2012, when they were frightened by scenes after the credits: he arranged for the Avengers the first scuffle in New York, gave Tony Stark a panic attack, and Gamore – problems for life.

Thanos does not look like another German loon hating the Avengers, or an artificial intellect striving to exterminate mankind – his life is closely connected with the Avengers and the Earth. His motives are reasoned, albeit absolutely psychopathic. And due to kinship with one of the heroes to the hatred of Thanos, a literary family conflict was added.

In The War of Infinity, Thanos was given almost an hour of screen time, showing why he was angry, for which he wants to destroy the universe and from what he cries. Sometimes, the viewer can even stand on his side.

Surprises in the script

Classic blockbusters surprised the viewer with a motley picture with explosions or good jokes. Blockbusters for comics also did not please the turns of the plot, because they are clamped with studio contracts and primary sources with constant resurrections of characters. It seems that in the “War of Infinity” the loop on the neck of writers and directors has slightly weakened.

In “Avengers” for the first time there was a place for the author’s vision: for example, there is a four-minute comedy scene with Tor and Peter Qill in the style of the series “Office”, as if lent by the director of “Tora 3” Taika Vaititi. Also in the film, there are surprisingly many long dialogues without moralizing, pathos and inappropriate humor, which is a great luxury for film comics of any studio.

Do not believe frames with infinity stones, do not believe fusion scenarios, do not believe spoilers from press releases, do not believe trailers – everywhere they lie, Marvel is deceived.

There are a dozen innovations that were not worth the separate points: in “Avengers” they first showed the battle scene on the scale of “The Lord of the Rings” and in some ages did not distract the viewer with a love line. But most importantly, all this is just preparation for the second part, in which … The text will be continued after the premiere of “War of Infinity 2” in May 2019.

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