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The gods also cry. Review brutal God of War – the main candidate for the game of the year

The news about the restart of God of War was perceived ambiguously: something that worked regularly for about ten years, suddenly decided to radically change. In fact, another third part of the game showed that the series is standing still. Kratos had already interrupted almost the entire pantheon of the ancient gods, and there was no one to fight with him, in general. In Santa Monica Studio, they understood this and decided to experiment.

God needs rest

Older, tired of life, silent – such a god of war we have not yet seen. Finally, for the entire series, they show us the worked-out main character. Let Kratos be mean to emotion, but still it is perceived much more natural than that primitive clot of hatred and anger that was in the former God of War.

With his son Atreus, he goes on a long trip to the top of the mountain – leave the ashes of his wife. Relations between the characters are central to the plot. Atreus is naturally curious, as a boy does: he always asks something, asks where he does not need it, disappears, can not get into prey, and seems to irritate his father in every way. Kratos is as harsh as ever. “No!” , “I do not know” , “I want to know your opinion – I’ll ask” , “You’re not ready” – an unhappy child who has just lost a mother, in most cases hears about such phrases. At the same time, even the meager dialogues are full of humor and irony – the script writers of the past parts, it seems, were not aware of the meaning of these words.

History as such is small – a game that is unusual for the series, makes one read a diary, talk to characters (not only cut his throat, squeeze out his eyes and release intestines), guess at events. Almost immediately they let us know: there are many surprises ahead, the plot is not so simple. First, we experience a brutal and staggering battle with a stranger who clearly knows the past of Kratos, then we are hinted that we got involved in something bad, but the writers for a long time are limited only by mean hints.

The Scandinavian mythology replaced Greek mythology. Entourage is appropriate: forests, snow-capped mountains, crevices and everything in that spirit. No more threats to Zeus and spectacular punishment of Poseidon: Kratos is surprisingly calm and does not want to kill anyone – only to perform an important task for him. But he can not forget the past.


God of War sample of 2018 – this is not so much a slasher, as an action with elements of role-playing game. The combat system is rethought and now resembles nothing less than Bloodborne: deliberate attacks, frequent rumblings, waiting for a convenient moment to strike – and this is a question of ordinary battles, not battles with bosses (which, alas, very little).

Kratos used to be the machine of death: he chopped all the right and left, tore up the enemies with his bare hands, squeezed the pressure, and if we lost the fight, it often meant that we just need to press all the buttons in a row faster – some combo will work. Now the battles were almost lost at a pace, but they became more complex and varied.

First, Leviathan, we freeze mobile mechanisms and thus move on. Secondly, some fights can be won at all without approaching the enemy – especially this is useful in battles with huge trolls. Thirdly, the reception creates great game moments. For example, an ax was thrown at the enemy, arms stuck in the body. Between the reptile and you appeared another enemy – attract Leviathan, and he on the way back pierces the one who was in the way of the unfortunate.

Each type of enemy requires his approach. Fast wolves attack in packs, and point attacks against them are ineffective; some fighters are exploding before the final death – it’s best to keep them at a distance; Trolls, though unwieldy, but with one blow deal heavy damage and so on. In battles, this leads to the fact that you need to always open and try new techniques. And we now have a full-fledged assistant.

Atreus is not a walking problem, as, for example, Ashley in Resident Evil 4, but quite a help in the battles. Onions he is fighting briskly, jumping on opponents and trying to strangle them, and as he pushes his aid will become more tangible.

Desktop Wallpapers

The world in the game is pseudo-open: like as there is freedom, but in fact it’s just very large locations with one track to the exit. This option is optimal for God of War. The God of War can not be run errands by random characters who would fill up with his quests. Kratos in every way it shows: on the rare offers of side quests, he responds in the spirit of “we do not have time, but if on the way, it can be.”

Linearity is justified, including in plot: the hero often reminds us that we went on a dangerous journey for the sake of a high goal, so there is nothing to glance around. But, frankly, to keep from this it is difficult – God of War is simple to stupidity is beautiful. Here is definitely better graphics on the PlayStation 4 , and it’s not just the technical side of the issue – textures, detail and further on the list. Locations were made ideal in terms of aesthetics: just a glade near the house of the witch can be admired in full admiration for about twenty minutes.

And a kind of aesthetics and battles. Before the release there were fears that Kratos, let’s say, a little softened for the sake of trends, and we will not see particularly violent massacres. How much it was pleasant to learn that we were mistaken: the hero cuts off the opponents of the head, breaks the spine, splits his eyes, bathes in the blood. Plus an incredible production: Kratos flies about twenty meters into the air and hits a hefty club on the troll, literally squashing his head – that’s just to see.

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