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Source: Apple makes a VR / AR-helmet with a resolution of 8K

The CNet resource, citing its source,  reports that Apple is developing a helmet of virtual and augmented reality. It will be wireless, and the resolution of the displays is record-breaking at the moment – 8K for each eye. So far, there are no such indicators for any VR-device.

The project, codenamed T288, is in the early stages of creation, and the release will happen only in 2020. Sensors of the device will allow him to read the surrounding environment. The processing of the calculations will be done by the Apple processor with a 5 nm process technology (the current A11 Bionic for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is built at 10 nm), it will be placed in a separate device. Transmission of the image to the helmet will be wireless, according to the standard Wi-Fi with a frequency of 60 GHz.

Edition TheVerge notes that the description is a “dream helmet”, besides the information is only from one anonymous source.

Earlier there were rumors about the development of smart glasses Apple. In what form will AR or VR device from the Cupertino Corporation, it is unclear.

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