Russian Land Rover owners tried to set the Guinness Book record, but could not

On TTK left more than two thousand cars of mark, but to pass on a ring without breaks it did not turn out.

The organizers of the parade of cars Land Rover, which took place last weekend, could not fulfill all the requirements of the Guinness Book of Records. The attempt to collect the largest number of cars of the same brand was not recorded as a record.

According to the rules, the participants of the column were to travel two miles (3.23 kilometers) in such a way that the distance between cars did not exceed two corps. However, several breaks were recorded, and the record did not take place.

The event was organized in honor of the 70th anniversary of the British manufacturer. On the Third Transport Ring of the capital, it was possible to collect 2,152 car brands, the coordination of which was conducted in the direct mode “Autoradio”.

Earlier in the framework of the celebration of the birthday of Land Rover, the British master of snow art Simon Beck stamped on the slope of the mountain in the French Alps a silhouette of Land Rover Defender with a length of 250 meters.


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