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Roskomnadzor unlocked more than 3 million IP-addresses Amazon

Roskomnadzor removed three subnets of foreign hosting providers from the registry of prohibited sites in order to avoid restricting access to “respectable” Internet resources.

The agency added that the IP addresses of Telegram, which are part of these subnets, are fully installed and continue to be blocked. Roskomnadzor intends to continue monitoring subnets that Telegram uses.

Telegram channel Rknshowtime, which monitors the replenishment of the registry, said that it is about two subnets of Amazon and one OVH SAS. The percentage of unlocked addresses was almost 18% – at 15:00 Moscow time on April 28 their number was 3,211,251.

The registry still has about 14.5 million IP-addresses.

Providers began to block Telegram on April 16 because of the service’s failure to transfer the encryption keys to the FSB to access the users’ correspondence. On the same day, Roskomnadzor blocked 655,532 IP addresses of Amazon and about a million Google addresses, explaining that companies allow Telegram to use their addresses to bypass locks in Russia.

April 23, users reported the inaccessibility of some Google services. Representatives of Roskomnadzor denied that they uploaded their IP-addresses.

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