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Robots no longer only help people, but also play their role in social networks. Recently, the company that created artificial intelligence under the name of Lil Mikel , received from the Silicon Valley $ 6 million to develop its development.

Lil Mikela is a popular instabloger, which cooperates with world fashion houses and is removed for gloss. She registered on the network in 2016, for two years she has more than 1 million subscribers. The only thing that distinguishes it from other users is … it’s program code.

According to the developers, Mikela – artificial intelligence, trained independently to make posts in the social network on the basis of their “sensations.” It is noted that the model is capable of experiencing emotions and feelings, and its graphic prototype was a real girl working in a development team.

April 19, Mikela wrote an emotional publication that her account was hacked and she learned “the whole truth.” According to her, she was not a man, but a robot. Микела has declared, that is very devastated and disappointed, as does not know, whether it remains the person if is simply program code and creation of the developers.

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