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QIWI stated the problems of customers due to Roskomnadzor and compared it with the “elephant in the china shop”

Due to the blocking of Google’s IP-addresses, customers could not access the site of the payment system.

The QIWI group, which includes the bank of the same name and the largest payment system, faced difficulties in its work due to the actions of Roskomnadzor to block Telegram. Clients of the company could not get through the authorization because the agency blocked the IP addresses of the ReCaptcha service. The statement of the bank was published in the official QIWI group in VKontakte.

The company noted that it is “for a free Runet” and against digital inequality, including any restriction of Internet users access. QIWI believes that a “rational dialogue” is needed between the state and business.

The activity of the supervisory authority now resembles an elephant in a china shop: all but Telegram suffer from these locks.

This week, you, our users, felt the consequences of blocking Google’s IP-addresses, because of which ReCaptcha did not work on our site. Thanks to it, we ensure the identification and security of the entrance for our customers. As a result, many users have experienced problems accessing their accounts.


Specialists of the company eliminated the problem overnight, developing their own solution for entering “captcha”. QIWI hopes that this situation will become “indicative” and that it will draw “relevant conclusions” from it.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Telegram on April 16, but the messenger began to circumvent the restrictions using the IP addresses of the subnets of Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The agency limited access to millions of IP-addresses, which caused problems for many sites and services not related to Telegram

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