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In the US, the departure of the teacher from the school coincided with his birthday. Children gave him the sneakers that he dreamed of

The surprise caused the teacher emotional reaction.

“As our teacher leaves, and today is his birthday, we got the shoes of his dreams, which he spoke about every day”

15-year-old student Sailor Coutermarsh from Valley Christian School in Arizona published a video in which teacher Joe Lara opens a gift from schoolchildren. Before that, a Spanish teacher announced that he was going to leave the educational institution, but his last day at work coincided with his birthday.

First, Lara tore off the paper, under which was a box with the inscription Jordan Brand. For a moment he stopped, but the children asked him: “Just open it.” In the box lay a pair of Nike Air Jordan 2012 sneakers in blue and white, which the teacher dreamed of all his life. Lara admitted that he always wanted this model, but he was deterred by their price – about $ 300 (about 18.5 thousand rubles).

Joe Lara. Photos from the twitter Sailor Cowtermarsh
Joe Lara. Photos from the twitter Sailor Cowtermarsh
Did not stay aside and the official twitter account for the brand Jordan. In his message, he thanked the teacher for his loyalty to the brand.

“Thank you for your dedication to the next generation, Mr. Lara. We are honored to be a part of your class ”

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