In Mongolia, made a loaf with an incredibly chic interior (30 photos)

Modifications were carried out by Mongolian workshop Mottor Hulgin Master, or simply MXM, which means “Masters, Knights, Motors”. It was shown at the Auto tuning show 2017 in Ulan Bator.The inner decoration of the once spartan “loaf” will envy the chic VIP buses.
The driver’s cabin was modified in the same style. All that can be skinned with artificial leather of black and orange colors.
The work began with the removal of the old noise insulation and the manufacture of various “furniture” – the podiums were made of moisture-resistant plywood, and the bars and nightstands were built on the basis of metal frames also covered with waterproof plywood.
The opening between the cabin and the passenger compartment was separated by a massive partition with wooden trim, the central place in which the TV on the swivel hinge occupied. Regular windows with a window were replaced with sliding windows.
In the interior decoration used artificial leather and wood. And they did it in a rather insane color scheme with incongruous colors.
The ceiling is almost like in limousines: with a complex architecture and LED lighting. Throughout the perimeter of the passenger compartment, a fastening for the curtains was made. Outside, too, there are changes, but they are not so radical: matte body painting, aluminum trim, LED fog lights, roof rack and some other options.

On the cost of improvements is not reported, but MXM published a 42-minute video, which details the entire process of manufacturing.

Do you want the same “loaf”? Watch the video and do it!

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