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“I’m free, guys”: an American learned about the Frenchzone on the TV show, although he thought that for six months already in the relationship

April 27 in the United States was aired the popular show Let’s Make A Deal, in which you need to conclude deals with the lead. Participants were a couple from a man named Steve and a girl named Jesse. After a couple of rounds, host Wayne Brady decided to learn more about the players, asking Steve how many they already meet. But the couple gave the opposite answers.

Steve: [We’ve been together] for about six months now.

Jesse: We’re friends! We’re just friends.
Steve: Can we talk about this not for everyone?

Jesse: I’m free, guys!

Steve: What?
Jesse: No, no, we’re just good friends.

After an awkward pause and Jessie’s laughter, the presenter hurried to the next couple of participants.

The episode during the TV show caused a lot of jokes and sympathy from users of social networks.

“The worst things that can happen to you: 3. Go to jail 2. Die 1. This is”

“Even I’m not such a bitch”

“1) I hope he brought her by car 2) I hope she got home quite well on foot”

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