Driver Tesla was stripped of his rights for riding a passenger seat during an autopilot

Now it will be 18 months to ride only on the seats on the bus

Photos of Herts Police
Photos of Herts Police

The trial in the British city of St. Albans for 18 months deprived the driver of Bavesh Patel (Bhavesh Patel) for driving behind the wheel of Tesla in the passenger seat. The Englishman drove Tesla and fully trusted the management of the autopilot while he was resting on the next place. This was reported by the Daily Mail and Hertfordshire Mercury .

The 39-year-old driver was paid attention after the video with his driving was ruined on YouTube. In the video you can see how Patel sits on the passenger seat with his hands behind his head, while his Tesla rides at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

The prosecutor in the court noted that the driver not only jeopardized his life, but could also harm other participants of the movement. Patel acknowledged his guilt, calling the act stupid, but added that he was a “loser who got caught.”

In addition to 18 months without rights, Patel also received a fine of 1800 pounds (150 thousand rubles) and 100 hours of compulsory labor.

Autopilot equipped with all models Tesla from 2016. Previously, there were episodes when, thanks to automatic control, drivers did not get into an accident.

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